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Make mine a double…

What could be better than one beautiful thick veiny cock? A second in its mirror image…

You can see another image from that same photo session on Exhibit A’s site here.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


  1. Looks like double trouble to me!
    Indie xx

  2. A very cool cock shot indeed!

  3. Such a great photo, I love the muted colors for this

  4. A great and very cool image. xx

  5. EA has such a distinct cock … i think I’d know it anywhere! Great shot!

  6. This is a really arty shot and the detail really comes through 🙂

  7. That could be considered double trouble. 😉

  8. Everything seems to be in perfect working order.

  9. Wow! Hell of a close-up! The use of color and shadows here make this one very memorable.

  10. I love the detail in this.

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