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Birthday Boy

It’s the third Throwback Thursday of this year’s February Photofest which means it’s time for the start of a new theme. This week’s theme is tributes. I am a fan of a tribute! My first one was back in April 2015 with this Bourdin-inspired shot and various ones have appeared along the way, right up to this homage last month. So, for seven days I will present my interpretation of an image by seven of my favourite photographers.
Today’s inspiration is Mapplethorpe (again!) and for Throwback Thursday I am not going very far back – just to day nine of Exhibit A’s recent December Dick Fest. All I have done to modify the below from December’s post is flip the photo so the leg is facing in the same direction as the inspiration shot above. This was an accidental tribute; I only noticed the similarity when I was flicking through images to prepare for this week’s theme. But I am glad I spotted it as it allows me to use the photo of this chap on his birthday.
Happy Birthday! Xxx

February Photofest


  1. Cara Thereon

    Well happy birthday to him!

  2. May

    Love the shot – the quite upright erect penis – bouncy I call them!

    • Exposing40

      That’s the Mapplethorpe one, obviously! Mapplethorpe was the king of cock shots! Mine is the one below…less bouncy by that point but I love the relaxed pose!

  3. mariasibylla

    Love this theme week! Great photo to start it off!

  4. sassycoupleok

    Thank god we live in a liberated time when as women we can look at men’s cocks, comment and talk about how beautiful and fun they are. Ms. K

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