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Gunmetal Sky

Can you see the man in this photo? He’s there, I promise! When you find him the man in question is @lovelustlondon. He’s easier to find in this shot from our day out last spring.
Incidentally, he’s just starting regularly blogging again after some time away from that and his photos and writing are definitely worth checking. I love this week’s Sinful Sunday (which I can’t comment on O as Blogger always kicks me out!). And you can buy his latest book here.

February Photofest


  1. I haven’t found him but I do love the setting if the image.
    Rebel xox

  2. Beautiful shot, love aura over the trees, like a gray rainbow. And, clever fun finding Waldo.

  3. I can find him 🙂 This shot is incredible – your photography is breathtaking x

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