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A Hat-trick of E

I know, I know! It’s just too damn obvious. But I’m an E, he’s an E and his erections photograph so well. All of him photographs so well! After you’ve finished admiring this scene why not check out Exhibit A’s February Photofest too!
This photo continues with my theme for week one of my February Photofest, which is outdoors but with moodier edits than you usually find in my gleeful ‘in the wild’ images.

February Photofest
Sinful Sunday


  1. Exposed and Exciting = Excellent

  2. Wow wow wow, this is HOT AF you two!
    Brilliant photo x x x

  3. Goodness – glorious photo

  4. i like the dark / moodier feel you created. Sort of a dark dark erotic feel.

  5. Superb picture, a winning hat-trick. Kudos also to the model; that doesn’t look hugely comfortable!

  6. What a fabulous setting for outdoor photography – EA’s skin looks almost luminescent against the dark, damp (?) wood! It feels a bit Shakespearean.

  7. This is a g o r g e o u s shot and sort of cinematographically atmospheric!

  8. That is a lot of E…. but it is a lovely sight and I am really enjoying these darker edits

  9. Loving this, what luck that there are so many E’s here. xx

  10. Well he’s certainly Exhibiting plenty of Enthusiasm.
    Wonderful photo !!!
    Xxx – K

  11. excellent, exciting, exhilarating! love pictures with nature!

  12. I assume Livvy is sitting up in the tree with no knickers on…

  13. Awesome shot 🙂 I love the grainy bits on his feet

  14. Exhilaration in nature…lovely!

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