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Wood Witch

The theme of my February Photofest 2017 was black and white. This year I had grand plans to recreate 28 of the sexiest album covers my friends and I could think of. That idea required far more time than I had at my disposal and up until Tuesday this week I didn’t think I’d be participating at all. But then I made a snap decision to hop on board and now I’m busy working out how I can fill 28 days!
I’m not going to give the whole month a theme this year but I am going to give each week a theme. That was Molly’s suggestion when I saw her at the sex bloggers’ Christmas party so thank you for that!
The theme of week one is an easy one to fill from my archives of unused shots – outdoors! And better still, we kick off with Throwback Thursday so I get to re-edit an old favourite. And that old favourite is October. When I showed @19syllables yesterday her response was “ooh, I’m a wood witch.” I really loved the unedited version of this shot, but right now I think I might love this sinister version even more! What do you think?

February Photofest


  1. SassyCat

    I love your idea of themed weeks and black & white photos are my favorite. Amazing skirt. Lovely photo as always.

  2. joradam

    Exquisite and inspiring!
    I gonna use your image as the pivot point in a story.
    Thank you X

    • Exposing40

      Oh wow! I look forward to reading it. Feel free to use the photo if you want to.

  3. Kilted Wookie

    That is such a great photo.

  4. May

    This is just beautiful – both edits –
    I am new to this so didn’t even think of a theme – just thought I would see if I can actually do this every day for a month!

  5. Atiya

    you look like a Fairy! this is an amazing shot with nature!

  6. Marie Rebelle

    I still clearly remember the original version but this one is damn fine too!
    Rebel xox

  7. Molly

    You know me, I am all about the darker version….. and I am so glad you joined in again

  8. Victoria

    I love this! Almost reminds me of something out of the show “Outlander.”

  9. tabitharayne

    Ohhhh yes! Stunning ?

  10. LittleSwitchBitch

    Oooh I remember the original one – but I am loving the darker version too x

  11. mariasibylla

    I’m expecting blue magic flame to burst from her chest, releasing the spell she just cast.

  12. H.H.

    Fucking amazing shot!

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