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@Kinky_Gent first expressed interest in participating in E40 back in spring 2016 when he was over in the UK for work and we met for coffee. Our paths haven’t crossed since so I’ve yet to photograph him myself but in early December this self-portrait appeared in my DM with a question about whether it was of possible interest for the blog. Yes, it most definitely is of interest! As soon as I saw this weekend’s prompt I knew I wanted to save this shot for today – after all, what is more routine than pulling on our underwear?
Although I’d messed around with wearing a girlfriend’s knickers many years ago, and not in a particularly kinky manner, during 2017 I experimented more and more deliberately.
A special lady knew of my curiosity and shared an interest in men wearing lingerie. Neither of us are into full transformations or cross dressing but rather discrete wearing of knickers and stockings in private or under everyday dress. With her to encourage me, I explored this more and more in 2017 to the point where she kindly gave me these Marks and Spencer specials from her collection, which had a visible impact as you can see!
It surprised me how many women enjoy the idea of men wearing (their) lingerie and it’s certainly made me wonder how many more are open to that. Usual vanilla depictions are often of a wife being appalled and running for the divorce lawyer – I’d be curious how many would actively encourage their men to try it?
To that special lady – thank you so much for what you brought to fruition last year, let’s do more in 2018!

Sinful Sunday


  1. helenscott

    This is a beautiful shot!

  2. Krystal Minx

    Very fun image!

  3. LittleSwitchBitch

    This is a super sexy image – and regards my OH wearing my underwear – wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I wear his boxers all the time – what’s the difference. I hope you continue to dip deeper and enjoy 🙂

  4. Cara Thereon

    It’s not something I’ve thought of personally, but the odd time I’ve seen it I’ve found it sexy in a certain way. I love the photo though and his positive response

  5. MPB

    I agree with Cara, there is something interestingly sexy about this photo and others like it. Not my kink as such but compelling and beautiful to the eye. xx

  6. May

    Oh my – I have suddenly become rather hot around the collar! This is one of my kinks – I find this soooo HOT – What can I say – GREAT shot!

  7. Jo

    I LOVE to see an erect cock in a pair of lace knickers – I find it super hot. Actually, The Engineer will surprise me once in a while by taking his trousers off only to be wearing a pair of my panties underneath! >< There's just something about my small panties not being able to contain his cock that really turns me on – or maybe it's the soft fabric against his soft skin? I also love wearing men's boxers and think women look amazing in men's undershirts. This photo is sexy as hell.

  8. Submiss34F

    What a delicious photograph and post to go with it. I love how his excitement is physical and therefore visible to us all.
    It’s interesting how I like watching others gain pleasure in something, even if it isn’t my kink.
    Thank you both

  9. Molly

    This is not really my thing and yet this is the second picture I have seen in the last few months of a man in panties that I have very sexy. I think there is just something wicked and naughty about it that I find sexy

  10. mmalflic

    While not my tjing i tend to think there are a lot more than popular culture leads us to believe.

  11. PiecesofJade

    While it’s not one of my kinks, for some reason I find this image very sexy…

  12. mariasibylla

    This photo is gorgeous! I do so love a cock in lacy panties!

  13. kinkyandperky

    I love this pic so much – as is a matter of public record, it is a thing for me, when worn under direction. Just yesterday, I was in M&S buying some for future tasks, under direction from @fireandhoney so this really resonated with me!
    It also makes one more appreciative of the styling and differences in lingerie when you wear them!

    • Exposing40

      I remember some of your sinful Sunday posts on this subject. I didn’t used to think it was hot but I sure it was old photos of yours (gone now I think) that changed my mind on that. I remember forwarding the link to one to a partner who was into wearing lingerie! Hope to see more photos from you!

      • kinkyandperky

        Thank you – yes, an old one of me with suit and panties! Having bought new sets yesterday, I am sure we’ll see them feature soon!

  14. sub-Bee

    I’ve always tried to deny I find this sexy but why should I. This is incredibly fucking sexy and I’d loved to be surprised by my partner wearing a pair of my lacy panties.

  15. Indigo

    Brought to fruition indeed, and a very nice fruition it is! Men’s singlet’s and boxers are a thing I enjoy from time to time…

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