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A bar. Probably in a basement. Dark. Intimate. A slightly sleazy feel to it. A small stage in the corner. The kind of place I’d spend hours in when I was younger and life revolved around live music.
The bar is past its best and quieter than it used to be. Tiny venues like this don’t appeal to artists or punters anymore. But tonight there is an audience and there’s the familiar crackle of anticipation found in any crowd before a live performance.
You. On stage, blindfolded, on your knees. Your cock hardens under the eyes of a roomful of strangers you’ll never see. You’re ready for tonight’s performance too.

Sinful Sunday


  1. God that’s so evocative! (The photo and the image).

  2. Adore this image – though have to confess i am not sure what is going on 😉 ?

  3. Unf, hot. One of the ones that I had to enlarge to suss out every detail. So good! Indigo said it best – evocative.

  4. I love the angle of this shot and how it makes me feel like I am standing over him.

  5. Love the image, and now of course I want to know what followed… would love to hear the rest of the story 🙂
    Rebel xox

  6. Both the words and the photos are very powerful. I like them very, very much. x

  7. I saw the title and unnecessarily proceeded with caution. Spit is just something I can’t handle lol This image is amazing as always!
    Aurora x

  8. Gosh, yes. Great words and a wonderful image xx

  9. Holy fuck that’s a sexy post ??

  10. The image and your words combine into something so powerful and damn sexy!

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