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Lazy Sunday

I love my job. I pour as much of my myself into my business as I would a human baby. But sometimes it’s bloody exhausting. Between last Sunday morning and now I’ve worked 82 hours. I’ve written and delivered two conference sessions, done three film shoots, organised a fourth, begun negotiations on visas for a notoriously tricky country, and written about 4000 words of copy. None of this is a complaint, but I am looking forward to resting. Today will be my first completely work-free day since 22nd October and I plan on doing little more than reading and eating things that make me happy!

Sinful Sunday


  1. I think after all of that you deserve more than a croissant! Hopefully, you will have some more food photos to post later – #foodporn 😉 Great angle to this image – and am loving that table

  2. Les petite delice du jour….a hearty breakfast a feast for the eyes and senses.

  3. I really like the sound/look of your Sunday

  4. you need wine and cake!!! but it is a great pic – great angle xx

  5. Yay for lazy Sundays. What on earth is in the cup?

  6. Mmmm… I’d love to sit across that table from you.

  7. You absolutely deserve some rest, and what a way to start such a resting day 😉
    Rebel xox

  8. You do nees time to atep away and refresh. It sounds very well earned.

  9. This is a stunning photo! The angle is perfect. It looks like a lifestyle magazine spread. I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your much-deserved day of relaxing!

  10. Sounds like a well deserved day off! I hope you enjoyed it. It looks like you definitely started it well.
    Aurora x

  11. Sounds like you really deserved a relaxing day, but the croissant looks a little spare after all that work. Great shot!
    Indie x

  12. Sounds like a well earned day off – I hope you have a very relaxing Sunday x

  13. Having always loved all of your photos, I have no doubt that your 82 hours of endeavour will be nothing less than resounding successes !!!
    This is as clever and inspiring as always!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. Holy shit – eighty-two hours?!?!?!?! I think you deserve several days off work after that! Looks like the day started off well – hope you got to have a lie-in!

  15. As someone who out in a 20 hour day last Friday I completely understand where you’re coming from! I do like the look of your day off though, I hope it was as wonderful as it looks.

  16. Enjoy your day, xx

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