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Excess Fluid

“For you have spent enough time in the past doing what pagans choose to do—living in debauchery, lust, drunkenness, orgies, carousing and detestable idolatry.” Peter 4:3
There is nothing sinful about this photo, but the truth of the matter is the amount of this fluid consumed last night means there is zero chance of any creativity from me today. But I haven’t missed a Sinful Sunday since I started in February 2015 and today won’t be the first week that I do! 
I had always intended to shoot a Sinful Sunday at Exhibit A and Livvy’s wedding, but while last night’s pouring rain would have made for a great fluid shot, it didn’t make for an appealing or practical late night photo in the orchard! So here is some wine and bubbles and a view of their beautiful marquee instead!
I love how many of my photo posts are not just photos but records of happy times and adventures had with friends old and new. It’s become something of a diary. So although there’s no nudity this week I am very happy to have this diary entry. Yesterday was truly special and you both looked beautiful and so happy. It was a delight and privilege to be part of the day. Congratulations and lots and lots of love. Xx

Sinful Sunday


  1. Sinful or not it is a beautiful image ?

  2. Wonderful, great shot! Looks perfect to me…

  3. As usual, it’s a beautiful photo – The colour of the wine, the candles – wonderful. I am learning how much fun can be had by creating images and so enjoying myself 😉

  4. Lovely thought and a lovely shot.

  5. The water is probably the excess there. So pleased you had such a wonderful day making memories with the newly weds xxx

  6. A lovely photograph which symbolises the deep affection you hold those two in. It also lets us celebrate their happiness, I love it

  7. A special photo which wouldn’t be out of place in the wedding album . . . or at least the “alt” version for which I’m sure you will have many more suitable options!
    Xxx – K

  8. It is a lovely image from a what sounds like was a perfect weekend for all.

  9. Such a great photo, thank you! ? Xxx

  10. Beautifully captured shot! I love what you have said about it being like diary entries. I’m definitely going to remember that in my future sinful Sunday posts!
    Aurora x

  11. A golden moment amid a sparkling occasion. Fabulous.

  12. Seema you have a beautiful picture and memory .

  13. Oh my, a stunning shot of celebrations ?
    You’re right, photos capture so much more than an image x x

  14. This is a gorgeous shot, commemorating what I hear was a gorgeous day. Xoxo

  15. Your images are always stunningly beautiful, this is no exception. There’s no need to apologize for no skin showing, the image itself, not to mention the celebration and ceremony it commemorates, are erotic enough…

  16. This is so sweet that I’m literally squeaking! >< I think it's a perfectly captured moment and a great addition to your Sinful Sunday collection – nothing better than a glass or five to celebrate love. Also, I *love* that Bible quote… it's why Pagans are my kind of people.

  17. This is so sweet – it looks like a beautiful day was had by all. 🙂 Beautiful shot x

  18. And lots of that sort of fluid can lead to sinful behaviour!
    It sounds like a wonderful day.

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