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Spa Day

Today I’ve been hanging out at a spa with two of my best friends. Cardiff Bay was looking beautiful in the sunshine…

Sinful Sunday


  1. 365dniwobiektywielg


  2. May

    love the reflection in the water like a mirror

  3. understandingflutterby

    This looks like it ought to be a painting, it’s just beautiful, such rich hues, I can almost feel the warmth of the water on my skin.

  4. Indigo

    Luscious image. Love the contrast between the windows, the rippling water and you in between.

  5. Indigo

    Luscious image. Love the contrast between the windows, the rippling water and you in between…

  6. painaspleasure

    I love what the light is doing on the water here – and your repose – so relaxed

  7. kinkyandperky

    Beautiful. The light and the water. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Simina

    I <3 water. I want to be in that pool.

  9. Molly

    Oh this is brilliant. Did you stand by the thicker bit of wall intentionally? Because it was the perfect spot as your body doesn’t then break out the beautiful reflections and symmetry of the light and lines. Everything about this is just perfect in my opinion

  10. mmalflic

    You really capture some of the most amazing pictures.

  11. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Beautiful shapes and reflections.
    I always love your photos and so look forward to them every week!!!
    Xxx – K

  12. Life of Elliott...


  13. lapsedcatholicwife

    There is so much to see and enjoy in this image apart from Exposing 40. The ripples, the coolness of colour and water, I want to splash in and giggle and just have fun. I also enjoyed the out takes of handstands. As Modesty states I look forward ever week to Sinful Sunday and yours

  14. Michael Samadhi

    An absolutely glorious image… Beautiful in so many ways…

  15. Marie Rebelle

    Lovely image. I wish we could take photos at our spa, but it’s not allowed…
    Rebel xox

  16. Perversanity

    Lovely image. Better to be in there than out in the Cardiff weather!

  17. jerusalemmortimer

    That is a lovely photo. With really compelling colours, beautiful composition and, best of all, you!

  18. books1799

    Beautiful moment of serenity.

  19. PiecesofJade

    Absolute perfection, in every way.

  20. sub-Bee

    This is just wonderful and it looks so inviting.

  21. LittleSwitchBitch

    What a stunning shot <3 I am rather jealous. It looks so relaxing x

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