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Rose Bush

One of my favourite things about Easter is all the yellow. Such a happy colour. When I walked into my Dad’s house yesterday and saw these roses in the hallway I had no doubt I’d use them in a photo. I already knew yellow roses were a symbol of friendship as I bought a yellow rose bush for a good friend’s 40th birthday a couple of years ago, but looking at a site about flowers earlier I also discovered that in many Eastern cultures yellow represents joy, wisdom and power. Friendship and joy, wisdom and power. Perfect!  

Sinful Sunday


  1. This is beautiful!

  2. Ooooh Wow! Beautiful image x

  3. Yellow is my absolute favourite colour. And this is one of my absolute favourite photos!
    xx Dee

  4. I have always said that I am not fond of flowers, but nowadays I buy them. When I buy roses, they are always yellow! This image made me smile 🙂
    Rebel xox

  5. Such a beautiful image and imagery. Yellow roses are my favorite and I grow them for my wife!

  6. What a wonderful gift to buy someone, a rose bush, that would totally work for me as a pressie. And as for the picture all I can think about it is, did they have thorns 😉

  7. This image is right up my street! Love the story about yellow flowers also. Have you thought about turning the image back and white with just the flowers in colour or bringing the saturation down on the background to boost the draw of the flowers?
    Really really like the image.

    • Funnily enough, I had just that idea and was trying to mute the colours down on this a bit, but I’m in Wales without my proper camera or computer and haven’t got any editing apps downloaded as I usually use main computer so I did what I could on my iPhone!

  8. Brilliant image – and just love the title! 🙂 x

  9. Pretty roses and image!

  10. Very Easter
    beautiful image

  11. Roses are my favorite flower, and this is a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing

  12. Petals, buds, flower … so many apropriate euphemisms.

  13. I love how you incorporate everyday objects into your images. Its done with such beauty an majesty. Very creative and stunning. Wow!

  14. Oooooh the colours are so gorgeous! I absolutely love this! It’s full of Spring and has hints of Summer in the sunlight.
    Candy xx

  15. Absolutely brilliant!

  16. Wow a work of art.

  17. Perfect photo for a perfect play on words.

  18. Beautiful roses and beautiful model x

  19. Just wonderful. I love that image, the model and the beautiful roses xxx

  20. I love how you incorporated those beautiful roses! This is a stunning inage

  21. So gorgeous and clever!
    I love your cheekiness shining through in this glorious vibrant photo ???

  22. Beautiful and surely fragrant ?

  23. Well that’s a whole new meaning to lady garden*. Yellow is such a joyous colour, beautiful.
    *I just want to point out house much I actually hate the phrase but it was too irresistible!

  24. Gorgeous photo . . . did your Dad notice they’d gone missing???
    Xxx – K

  25. I love your rose bush but I love your pose even more. Just stunning in the way it gives so much relaxed confidence to the image.

  26. So, I’m looking through your posts for our photo safari in Nunhead and finding the ones I haven’t commented on yet. I missed this when you originally put it up, but it’s so wonderfully beautiful. You are *such* a great and creative photographer. You see beauty, or cleverness, or interesting things everywhere and you know just what to do to create an amazing photo of them. Love!!!

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