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“Thank you for this! I love it. And you, and this community, have made that love possible. Five years ago, a photo that showed my rolls and folds would have made me cry. But now, I see how sensual and celebratory a photo like this can be.” Maria Merian

This was Maria’s comment on her portrait yesterday. And it rings true. I know that if anyone had told me a couple of years ago that I would be excited about posting this photo with my big belly on full glorious display I would have laughed out loud. Many of us frequently make reference to how much this community has done to increase our self-confidence and sense of our own beauty but I think it’s worth saying again and again. Molly does many brilliant things (and I’m pretty sure there’ll be more evidence of that in a few days!) but I think Sinful Sunday and February Photofest are the ones where the ripple effect makes such a profound difference to people’s lives. So, again, THANK YOU!

I have loved participating in February Photofest and you can see all my photos here. Aside from giving this month a black and white theme, I wanted it to embody the spirit of Exposing 40, which is an exuberant celebratory collaboration. Sometimes we’re silly, sometimes we’re thoughtful, sometimes we’re intimate, but we’re always having fun!

This month I’ve posted 11 portraits I’ve taken of others, 10 that have been taken of me by others and 7 self portraits. And how much fun it has been! There’s been new photo adventures with friends, I’ve used photos that had previously only been in my personal library and have delved into the archives for Throwback Thursday and smiled at the memories. I’ve photographed and been photographed by a valued partner of many years and a new lover who I only started chatting to on the 1st of the month! Of course, that one’s at the exciting who-knows-where-this-will-go-but-it’s-fun stage, but I love that he’s found his way onto February Photofest. I wonder if my secret dating superpower is being able to find people who want to be photographed naked?!

In total, 15 people have participated in my February Photofest either in front of or behind the camera. Framing, reframing and celebrating. Thank you! Same time same place next year?

Self Portrait with Exhibit A

Febraury Photofest


  1. Thank you for my daily smile….

  2. WOW! first and foremost this picture is amazing, and so very creative!
    as for you, you are incredibly sensual, and I admire you and your body. as a woman I continue to go through the motions of self image and self esteem, but I have learned to love myself and body, appreciate everything about myself.
    when looking at your blog and reading your words makes me feel better because I know I am not alone.
    thank you

  3. Glorious self portrait… what a clever idea. Congrats on a successful FotoFest, I’ve enjoyed the entrants.

  4. Brilliant image! Love the fact you’ve captured both of you in it. Fab! X

  5. A glorious image and a wonderful spirit behind it all!
    What fun!
    And creativity too.

  6. Love this <3 Such a clever idea.
    Your images are always amazing whether you are in them or taking them…Love all the black and white images, They showcase so much more than colour in my opinion x

  7. Love. Love. Love. Love. Truly.

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