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Me: ‘Do we need a haiku to go with your photo tomorrow?’ Imagines some dreamy words about woods and windows and castles…

19 Syllables:

For God’s sake, please don’t
Force me to write a haiku
About my own arse.

Me: ‘Hahahahahahahahahaha’

19 Syllables: ‘Am I off the hook? I don’t have to faff about with peachy, perched and folly anymore? Hooray!’

I love this woman!!

@19syllables by me.

Febraury Photofest
Sinful Sunday


  1. I love this photo. Love the figure and the way the hair is done…nice treatment with color and B&W.

  2. Well! Perched indeed.
    Thought I’d have a go:
    soft skin on cold stone
    holds herself upright, straight backed
    “what you mean, one more?”

  3. I love this picture. It is brilliantly composed and @19syllables is perfection as always. I can’t help thinking about the other side of the image.

  4. Soft seated flesh flanked
    By man-wrought stone bulwarking
    Life’s Allegory ?
    #haiku for you two x

  5. Absolutely think this is such a great image, perfect fit, perfect body, perfect image

  6. Everything about this image is gorgeous!

  7. I love that you two have written haikus for this. The fantastic collaborative joy that is Sinful Sunday strikes again! Thank you!

  8. Stone that has waited
    Never wants this to finish
    A perfect fusion

  9. Beautiful image. Composition spot on. Love the black and white. Very sensual and sexy. Talented work indeed, and a lovely model.

  10. This is such a fantastic image. I love the way the structure frames her body and there is something about the line of her spine that is mirrored in a slight way by some of the spine like cracks in the brick work. Just beautiful and as for the haiku… genius

  11. This is so beautiful, it’s as if the setting was made for her body

  12. Perfectly perfect . . . a stunning photograph!
    I LOVE this !!!
    Xxx – K

  13. This is absolutely amazing, I adore backs and shoulders and this is brilliant on every level!
    Sorry I couldn’t join in with the haiku fun 🙁

  14. Absolutely stunning x x x

  15. This is an amazing composition ?

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