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Sweet Like Honey

I am slightly conscious that we’re now more than a third of the way through February and I haven’t yet posted a self-portrait. But I have so many gorgeous photos of other people and lots of myself shot by others that I haven’t yet felt inspired by my self portraits. I said on day one I would try for a roughly equal split of other sitters, me sitting and self portraits, so at this rate there’ll be a flurry of self portraits at the end!
Today, I’m delighted to share the first of two shots there will be of Honey this month. Apart from Exhibit A (who doesn’t really count as he got me into all this!), Honey was the first person I photographed after joining the community. I still remember feeling so honoured and excited when she asked me to photograph her. I’ve photographed many more bloggers since and there’s more to come over the following weeks and it NEVER gets boring. If you ever fancy a daft giggly adventure with me and my camera do ask!
Back to Honey and her gorgeous breasts. Underneath their huge awesomeness is an even bigger heart that holds an endless amount of love and goodwill for so many. Stay brilliant lovely friend – for others and you! Xx


Febraury Photofest


  1. silverdomuk

    I see no image. Did I break it?

    • Exposing40

      It briefly escaped when I added the boobday thing but it’s back!

  2. lol1964a

    You capture a person so sensually Miss…beautiful.

  3. silverdomuk

    Beautiful image of a beautiful woman.

  4. watchingDistant2017

    What fun and what results you all have!

  5. Molly

    A very beautiful image and I think the title is absolutely spot on

  6. Marie Rebelle

    I 100% agree with the last paragraph. She is a lovely and caring woman…. and oh so damn sexy!
    Rebel xox

  7. cammiesonthefloor

    I’m really liking all your photos, they are amazingly different and each a unique perspective

    • Exposing40

      Thank you, that’s a lovely comment! Xx

  8. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Just beautiful . . . I keep scrolling back and looking over and over . . . just beautiful!!!
    Xxx – K

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