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In the Frame

In his first February Photofest post Exhibit A said the angle of his shot “allows the person looking at it to put themselves in the frame.” Words that definitely gave the post an extra sizzle. And words that made me think of this shot of me dipping into the frame. I love how my face and his legs seem to be the frame for this shot.
Me (and he!) by Exhibit A

Febraury Photofest


  1. He’s certainly front and centre. Great image. ?

  2. I love your hand on his cock whilst your mouth parts with such delicate hunger. Ooh! Lovely erotic shot ?

  3. Yum, I’d love to suck on that! ~ Lola

  4. Oh my! How delicious! Excellent framing… and other things. 🙂

  5. what an erotic image!

  6. Can almost feel the heat.

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