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The Holly and the Ivy (reprise)

A year ago I shared this photo for Exhibit A’s Christmas meme. I love its cold wintry feel and it always makes me feel a little shivery when I look at it. Exhibit A’s reopened the Christmas prompt so I thought I’d do a different version this year and create an image with a warm and cosy feel. So, for Sinful Sunday and the Christmas prompt, here is The Holly and the Ivy (reprise). 

Sinful Sunday


  1. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Oh yes . . . definitely warming . . . and arousing!
    And, of course, a beautiful photo!!!
    Xxx – K

  2. cammiesonthefloor

    Love it, such a classical feel

  3. Life of Elliott...

    Oh, my! This image is absolutely stunning. Makes me think of a vintage French Postcard.

  4. Sex Is My New Hobby

    This is so pretty!

  5. jerusalemmortimer

    That is indeed very pretty. And seasonal! Lovely photo!

  6. silverdomuk

    Your images never cease to make me smile – this is no exception. 🙂

  7. painaspleasure

    What a gorgeous arty image
    Beautifully naked!

  8. Jo

    This is absolutely glorious. I love how the edit makes it look like an older photo, and a classically beautiful one at that.

  9. lapsedcatholicwife

    I love this photograph and it has inspired to make my Christmas Wreath today

  10. eye

    A glorious sight, beautifully presented ?

  11. holdenandcamille

    Brilliant edit, and the raised heel of your left foot makes the entire image, to me. Great shot! ~C

  12. Marie Rebelle

    Love this. It’s really gorgeous!
    Rebel xox

  13. Livvy

    Oh this is fabulous! You look gorgeous and I really like the warmth of this version! They’re such great companions to each other! Xxx

  14. tabitharayne

    Beautiful and ethereal – almost as if you could have found this in the attic of a Victorian mansion…

  15. Krystal Minx

    Very vintage feel, which I love. Perfect positioning! Just Lovely!!

  16. Mr. Minx

    Soft, warm, sexy, and a touch of artisanal mastery made your reprisal so perfect all around!

  17. Molly

    I love the soft tones and way you are almost lost in the background. Beautiful photography

  18. Atiya

    This belongs in an art gallery!
    Love it!!

  19. sub-Bee

    I much prefer this version, I love the warmth and the soft tones.

  20. mariasibylla

    So very lovely. This is a victorian photo, come to life.

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