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Sinful Sunday


  1. Hmmm, lover the close up texture xx

  2. This is beautiful and provokes such sensual thoughts. Xx

  3. this is so perfect and practically tactile, i can feel this…

  4. Oh my, what a gorgeous image!
    Rebel xox

  5. Ooooo, how intricate and lovely! Excellent capture of the details! ~C

  6. such a gorgeously sensual photo

  7. I love that although abstracted, the sense of tactile eroticism still comes through. Excellent capture.

  8. This reminds me of a Victorian erotic image. It makes me think of corsets and ribbons and pretty bit of lace hidden beneath bid skirts

  9. Sexily mysterious . . . and mysteriously sexy!!!
    Xxx – K

  10. A soft gentle yet provocative shot, a hint of feminine beauty. Thank you for sharing

  11. This is so beautiful, it’s soft, sensual and a wonderful vintage feel too.

  12. ! This photo is exquisite. The angle, the light, the framing, the way that lace hugs your curve so perfectly – I can’t stop staring at it!

  13. Both Peter and I thought this was beautiful, then consummated the thought! Thanks.

  14. Absolutely stunning! I love the detail of the fabric and the way much of it fades out to white. Really really lovely!

  15. It’s funny to me how something that’s so close becomes equally mysterious.

  16. Soft and mysterious…very sensual.

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