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This huge sensory installation at Kew is modelled on a beehive with the pace of sound and light responding to activity in a real nearby beehive. There were a few too many people around on a hot August day to take any truly sinful photos, but I would love to return first thing in the morning and get some more adventurous shots!
Photo by Tamsin Flowers; my photos of her to follow next week!!
IMG_7619 (2)

Sinful Sunday


  1. tabitharayne

    What an amazing photo. And fascinating installation.
    Can’t wait to see Tamsin’s shots next week x x x

  2. Jo

    God – this is a magnificent photo. Like, put-it-in-an-art-gallery magnificent. Wow.

  3. silverdomuk

    This image startled me. It is incredible!

  4. holdenandcamille

    This is truly remarkable and inspired! Wow…Just an amazing perspective shot. Well done!

  5. Life of Elliott... and all that jizz

    Wow, that’s some shot! Looking forward to the more adventurous ones.
    I’ll have to look up Kew, thanks.

    • Life of Elliott... and all that jizz

      I did. That is truly amazing. Now I’m tying to figure out how Tamsin took that photo. Well done, nice ‘B’.

      • Exposing40

        There’s a glass floor halfway up – she was stood underneath it photographing up at me!

  6. Molly

    This is a really intriguing image. Clearly I need to visit Kew at some point

  7. Barnum

    This is STUNNING. The pattern, the light, the legs – jaw-dropping.

  8. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Stunning . . . and I totally agree with Jo . . . an Art Gallery picture if ever I saw one!!!
    Xxx – K

  9. lapsedcatholicwife

    What a great shot of a great place, would be delightful to have a deliciously naughty shot as well, crack of dawn?

  10. Clive

    Brilliant photo and a big challenge for your return when it is less crowded too!!

  11. eye

    I love the delicate lacy tracery of the shadows. It’s perfect in monochre me ?

  12. sub-Bee

    Well, this place appears to have my name all over it!
    Absolutely beautiful image, really breathtaking!

    • Exposing40

      It does!!! You should pay a visit one day!!

  13. Hope Always

    Wow! what a lovely image. Love the perspective……and of course legs 🙂

  14. mariasibylla

    I agree with Jo, this belongs in a gallery, or framed and on my wall 🙂 It’s just perfect. Mysterious and somehow contemplative and exciting as the same time. Lovely, lovely.

  15. Marie Rebelle

    You have a talented eye for lovely images 🙂
    Rebel xox

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