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Summer’s End

The last days of August always feel melancholic, offering up as they do the last few opportunities to feel the sun on your naked skin.
2015-08-21 13.48.49

Sinful Sunday


  1. holdenandcamille

    August 28, 2016 at 3:22 am

    This is such a lovely point of view! ~C

  2. Oh – this is SO gorgeous!!!! Laying on the ground and watching light filter through leaves is one of my favorite things to do – and being nude while doing it must make you feel like a very part of the earth that you’re in awe of. Beautiful shot.

  3. I love the curves of your body against that sky. 🙂

  4. *happy sigh* So gorgeous!
    xx Dee

  5. What a beautiful picture. I love lying down and looking up at the sky through the leaves. This pic beats even that.

  6. Wonderful bright colours with your perfect curves enhancing a lovely shot of summer

  7. I know just what you mean !!! . . . And this is such a LOVELY photo !!!
    It radiates the colour and warmth of summer on it’s own!!!
    Xxx – K

  8. I love lying on the ground under a tree looking up at the sky! And I love that 3 people have already said that!

  9. Hasn’t just been lovely all this weather. It has made me so happy and this picture really capture how it feels

  10. Things are lookin’ up!

  11. This is beautiful, I’m trying to make the most of every last drop of the summer sunshine.

  12. A cracking photo – let us hope that summer keeps on for just a few more weeks!

  13. WOW, this is a gorgeous image. A tribute to summer. Wonderful!
    Rebel xox

  14. Oh my! This is so incredibly lush. Those colours…
    Those nipples
    *bigger sigh*
    I just want to sink down beside you and soak up the day x x x

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