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The rose is without explanation;
She blooms, because She blooms.
Angelus Silesius

More from my early morning visit to Hampstead Pergola with @JediHamster001Sinful Sunday


  1. You have the best body! Perfection in these shots.

  2. this is so unbelievably gorgeous!!!

  3. holdenandcamille

    July 24, 2016 at 1:19 am

    Oh, we were so hoping there would be more of these shots! THANK YOU! ~C

  4. This is an absolutely stunning shot!!!

  5. sassycoupleok

    July 24, 2016 at 4:47 am

    There is something so intimate about a beautiful nude in a setting like this. Very nice 🙂

  6. Beautiful. Lovely contrast between architectural elements and organic. Effective use of color and desaturation.

  7. I am really enjoying this series. The sense of movement in this one is especially lovely.
    As is your butt. 😉

  8. Wonderful, ghostly image! Haunting.

  9. I love the colours in this shot. The flowers stand out like a border for your body.

  10. Yay! I love it!!!! Both the opulence of your rear and the fiery red roses.

  11. Another perfect shot, you looking wonderful and fantastic surroundings. xx

  12. I absolutely love the feel of these, such a gorgeous edit as well. It’s classy and needs to be hanging on a wall

  13. SO wonderful, almost a sense of wistful in your pose. The edit is brilliant. Mesmerizing.

  14. I really need to go to this place. Love the colour pop of the red roses and the cool stone like effect of your skin

  15. I’ve walked those steps many, many times . . . but never as sexily!
    I LOVE the reds . . . and LOVE the softness of your back and bottom.
    Just perfectly stunning!!!
    Xxx – K

  16. You are the fairest flower in the garden.

  17. Yes! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfu! You really are a statue come to life in these shots.

  18. You look like sculpture. You belong in the scene. Brava.

  19. I agree, you look like a statue in this–how lovely!

  20. WOW! Just wow…..this image is breathtaking

  21. This is stunning! I love how the roses stand out against the pale stone and your skin.

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