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The Naked Rambler

It’s been a while since I have been behind the camera for an Exposing 40 collaboration, but what a pleasure to bring you Chiaroscuro. I got the tip off that he was approaching the Big Four O and up for a photography adventure a couple of months back, so a plan was hatched. Anyone who follows Chiaroscuro on Twitter will know he’s pretty handy with a camera himself, so I knew my photos would need to be pretty different to stand out. As a counter to his distinctive and often quite dramatic black and white shots I wanted mine to be green, fresh, carefree and fun – so off we went on a ramble on the North Downs.
The day was as fun the photos suggest, but the stand out moment for me was how surprised and happy he was as we later flicked through the photos over a pint. ‘Look at your back! Look at your leg muscles!’ There really is nothing like having someone else turn their lens on you to tell their story for making you see yourself – and appreciate yourself – differently. I am so happy that getting involved with Exposing 40 achieves this for those who trust this little project. So with no further ado, I bring you The Naked Rambler…


Sinful Sunday


  1. bustythewench

    Gorgeous images!

  2. holdenandcamille

    You set the bar so high! There’s no topping this series, no way. 🙂

    • Exposing40

      Ha. That’s very kind but your photo made my jaw drop! Xx

  3. f dot leonora

    oh gosh, how lush and lovely are these?!

  4. silverdomuk

    I love this set – beautiful images!

  5. Jo

    Hot DAMN – nice back indeed (I’m super crazy about muscular backs…)! These photos are almost as stunning as the subject!

  6. angelagoodnight


  7. Tabitha Rayne (@TabithaErotica)

    Beautiful beautiful! So free and happy x x

  8. curvaceousdee

    *makes wibbly noises* Such lovely … greenery!
    xx Dee

  9. Oleander Plume

    This will come as no surprise to you whatsoever, but I am in love with these! Your photography skills knock me out – what a collection! I love each one, but my favorite is the one with the tree. First, the eye-catching composition – wow! Second, hot guy wearing only boots? Did I mention he looks like he’s resting in a fairy tale forest?
    Lush. Just lush.

  10. Molly

    Oh these are fantastic. It is always wonderful to see the male form as it is definitely in the minority when it comes to Sinful Sunday . My favourite image is the one of him sitting in the tree, there is something about the way his body fits perfectly into the tree and also the fabulous boots that are just so masculine. It looks perfectly natural and very sexy

  11. ragingsmartarse

    I had loads of fun doing this yesterday – cheerfully subversive, gigglely anarchic. Heartily recommend that people give it a pop! I love the photographs – a complete contrast to my own. But also, as a photographer (well, an ex-photographer) it was a very refreshing experience to cede control of my image to another.
    Do it! Book a day out in the country and feel the wind on your bits!
    (note to self: before you run naked up a hill, consider how visible for a vast distance you’ll be running back down the fucker)

  12. mariasibylla

    These are brilliant!!! The two of you make an excellent team. I love them all and especially love your decision to contrast the style with his own. The colors are so intense and lovely and I can almost taste the pure radiated joy and hear you both laughing as you ran around the countryside. First dibs if you ever decide to sell prints 😉

    • Exposing40

      If you make it to eroticon I’m totally taking you out for a day trip Ms 40!!

  13. SassyCat

    Oh these are absolutely beautiful. The scenery is gorgeous & the man … Oh la la. Some thing you see in dreams, movies. Breathtaking.

  14. Malin James

    There’s so much joy in these – looking at them feels like taking in a huge lungful of clean air. That you can do that with a photograph is amazing to me 🙂 Xx

  15. Malin James

    ps – next time I’m in London, I’d (really, seriously and in every way honestly) love to snag you for a turn 😉

  16. Marie Rebelle

    Stunning images! Stunning setting too!
    Rebel xox

  17. Sex Is My New Hobby

    Wonderful images – the second one is my fave. Can I have a turn too??

    • Exposing40

      Ha! A turn photographing him or being photographed?!

      • Sex Is My New Hobby

        I meant a turn with you photographing me, but a turn with me photographing him would be no hardship 😉

  18. HappyComeLucky

    I commented yesterday but it seems to have been blown away on a breeze.
    I love these pics. The combination of the lushness and expanse of nature combined with the tight definition of his muscles -hot damn!

  19. cammiesonthefloor

    What amazing photographs, I loved so many of them and each one is worthy of being on its own

  20. sub-Bee

    These are just amazing. The colours and location are wonderful as it that back!! But my favourite has to be the run through the field, it just sums up how much fun you were both having.

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