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Eroticon 2016 meet and greet

Eroticon Meet and Greet 2016
It feels quite mad to be going to Eroticon! I have followed the fun on Twitter for the last couple of years. In 2014 I was already reading many of your blogs and had taken a photo or two of Exhibit A for Sinful Sunday, but I was a bona fide lurker and never imagined that within a year or so I would have my own blog or be calling many of you friends. By last year’s conference, Exposing 40 had been born but I couldn’t make it because it was my best friend’s 40th birthday weekend. 2016 is my lucky year…
NAME (and Twitter name if you have one)
My Twitter name is also @Exposing40 but I’m pretty sure I’ll tell people my real name too. As a clue, my mum was reading Wuthering Heights when she was pregnant with me and she didn’t call me Heathcliff!
If you had the opportunity to rename yourself (or your blog) what would you pick?
I wouldn’t! I love the name of my blog and it sums up perfectly what it is all about (thanks for the brainwave Jedi Hamster!). For those who’ve never seen it before, Exposing 40 is an exploration of our relationship with our bodies and ourselves as we reach that milestone age. It’s photography-led, hence the ‘exposing’, although that word also speaks to the exhibitionist in me. Anyone can get involved and I’m always up for photographing others, being photographed or hosting others’ self portraits and posts.
What are you most looking forward to at Eroticon Live and/or is there anything you are nervous about?
I am not nervous about anything! I LOVE big gatherings and I get Golden-Retriever-puppy-excited about meeting new people. Of course it will be fabulous to see those who have already become real life friends (especially F. Dot Leonora who sadly doesn’t live close enough to see regularly) but I am really looking forward to meeting people for the first time, especially Marie Rebelle, Tabitha Rayne and fellow Sound of Music obsessive, GOTN.
Have you planned which sessions you will be attending or are you more of a spur of the moment kind of person?
I am a planner through and through so I am pretty clear on what I’ll be going to. Sadly it’s my business partner’s 40th party on the Saturday night (luckily he only lives 20 minutes by train from Bristol) so I will only be there for the Friday night and Saturday day. Although if I am not too brutally hungover after his party I may come back after Sunday lunch and sneak into the afternoon readings… *looks at Ruby to check this would be OK…
What essential items to your life will be bringing with you to Eroticon Live? (you can have a maximum of 5)
Apart from the obvious phone, bank cards and overnight paraphernalia, I will be bringing rehydration salts to have before bed on Friday because I always call ‘one for the ditch’ and want to take preventative measures before sleep! I will also have my camera so if any 40-somethings or close-to-40-somethings want to get involved with Exposing 40 let me know and we’ll make time for some photos – I’ll be arriving Friday lunchtime and am staying at the Radisson.
A new cocktail has been made on your honour, what would be the key ingredient and what would it be called?
It would be gin-based and include cardamom flavours. It would be called Indian Summer.
And finally… Complete the sentence; I have yet to…
…do my guest post for F Dot Leonora despite her inviting me in the autumn!! My mission is to complete it before I see her… (Note: this is now done – look out for it week beginning 23rd May!)
Check out who else is going over at Molly’s place!


  1. angelagoodnight

    One day I’m going to go to this incognito. Too paranoid about our anonymity to go as myself. My mother would die of shame if she read my blog. LOL.

  2. HappyComeLucky

    Bring on the gin! Oh, hang on. I am bringing gin. Already got a bottle for my bag. I love that you pack your rehydration salts for recovering from one (or two) for the ditch. Xxx

    • Exposing40

      I’m old now – I need help to party hard two nights running! ?

  3. Marie Rebelle

    Ooooh can’t wait to meet you! I am so excited about next week! Whaaaa…. next week!!!
    Rebel xox

  4. Molly

    Damn it, I have not done that either…. the guest post for Leonora and maybe friday afternoon there might be opportunities for some photography fun

  5. F Dot Leonora

    oooh gin and cardamom, let’s do it!!!

  6. tabitharayne

    Ooo so bloody excited! X x x

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