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“Mirrors should think longer before they reflect.” Jean Cocteau 
I watched a film yesterday where in one scene a five-year-old boy who has been held hostage his whole life stares in wonder as he sees his reflection for the first time. It got me thinking about how many baby toys are mirror-based. Isn’t it sad that for so many of us a time comes when mirrors change from being objects that captivate and entertain to ones that admonish and chastise?
In celebration of mirrors reflecting good things, here’s a self portrait that I love. I took it playing around in a hotel bathroom in Berlin some 18 months ago – before this blog was even born. I like the framing of the photo and how my breast and arse look but one of the things I love most is that it reminds me of a really fun holiday with friends. 

Sinful Sunday


  1. HappyComeLucky

    I love this. Gorgeous view of both sides of you and such beautiful lines.

  2. Marie Rebelle

    Absolutely gorgeous image and I know now, next time I am in a hotel, I am playing around with the mirrors! They make great images!
    Rebel xox

  3. theotherlivvy

    Oh this is fantastic! Such a great view – on both sides!! Xxx

  4. Heelsnstocking

    Thank you for sharing your memories, a wonderful image. xx

  5. Molly

    That is such a powerful thought. You are right, children delight in mirrors in such a simple wholesome way. How do we go from that to it being a portal to judgement, shame, worry, fear etc.

  6. holdenandcamille

    Love being able to see both sides of you at once! Very creative and beautiful, dear. ~C

  7. becknoire

    I love how your arse is framed with your pose. Lovely image.

  8. cammiesonthefloor

    I love how you captured both, so creatively beautiful

  9. mariasibylla

    This is beautiful and you are beautiful. I love your thoughts on babies and mirrors. I’ve never really thought if it before but it’s so true. Maybe Sinful Sunday helps us recapture as little of that fascination. xx

  10. tabitharayne

    Yes! Reclaiming the joy of mirrors – I love this! Makes me want to completely redo my SinfulSunday image. This is feels like an important post Ms 40 thank you – and the reflections are beautiful x x

  11. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    Isn’t it sad that for so many of us a time comes when mirrors change from being objects that captivate and entertain to ones that admonish and chastise? This line speaks to me…
    Fab photo love xx

  12. sub-Bee

    I also wonder where we make the switch from fascination about ourselves to disliking ourselves.

  13. H.H.

    Looks like this one thought long and hard!

  14. submiseric

    A wonderful image. i love that we can see both sides of you in this. Hotel bathrooms are the best 😉

  15. Jo

    This is a beautiful picture (great framing!) and a thought-provoking sentiment. I wonder too about when we as adolescents start to become aware of the dissonance between how we see ourselves and how others see us.

  16. F Dot Leonora

    i am thankful, i have always loved mirrors! this is a gorgeous shot of you!!!

  17. Velvet Rose

    I love how you have put this together so that we see both front and back. The sentiment is so very true also.
    Velvet x

  18. Aiden

    So lovely! Love it!

  19. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Simply gorgeous!!!
    Xxx – K

  20. Miss Scarlet

    Beautiful! As always!

  21. jennyhayut

    Gorgeous view! Gotta love hotel mirrors!

  22. Penny

    lovely framing!

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