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Flat (out gorgeous)

I have mixed feelings about this photo. Of all the photos my amazing friend, (The Photographer) has taken of me this is the only one that makes me uncomfortable, focusing as it does on my flat nipples. So why post it? I’m not looking for compliments or reassurance, I’m posting it as a reflection on how far a project like this can take you.
Through his art Nicolas articulates and celebrates all body types. He thinks brilliantly. And when he photographs me I trust him completely. Although I have my visceral response to this photo, the logical part of my brain knows that to have chosen this image in his final selection he must see something in it that I don’t and therefore others may see something too. I will probably never love this photo as an image of me, but I love that it represents what I have learnt, which is that we rarely see ourselves as others see us. 
Also, we are not our bodies; we are our spirit and our kindness and the way we live our lives and the way we treat those around us. Our bodies just carry us. How gorgeous someone finds our ‘casing’ is in part driven by our wider behaviour. I talked about this post with a girlfriend last night. On Thursday she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I told her the words I had chewing over in my head for this post and how I couldn’t really decide whether or not it was one to post at the moment. Was it a bit self-indulgent given all that’s going on? We decided they were words worth sharing, probably more so now than ever. And our conclusion after a few wines? “All boobs are gorgeous. Health is what matters!”
Good luck for Friday gorgeous woman! Xx

Sinful Sunday


  1. HappyComeLucky

    I love that you have posted this picture. I know from conversations that we have had, as well as your writing, how you feel about this part of your body. I think this picture is all the more amazing for that. For what it is worth, I think this is a beautiful picture that works in many ways. The lines, curves and textures are delightful. The fact it is you is the cherry on the top.

  2. Jo

    Yes to all of this. We often fail to see the beauty in ourselves that others see in us; women are conditioned to deflect compliments, so it’s hard to accept that what we see as flaws, others might see as perfections. It’s a really lovely picture, and I agree with you and your friend – boobs are awesome – all of them!

  3. Molly

    I am sorry to hear about your friends diagnosis. I am glad she was able to see that breasts are fab but health is better and I hope it all works out for her.
    “Also, we are not our bodies; we are our spirit and our kindness and the way we live our lives and the way we treat those around us. Our bodies just carry us” THIS!!!! I couldn’t agree with you more about this statement. I am going to share this with my children and personally I think this sentiment should be part of a wider sex and relationships education program in our school.
    As for the image, I think it is beautiful, subtle and delicate which seems perfectly appropriate for what it is

  4. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    I think this is a beautiful, soft and gentle picture… It is gorgeous.
    I am sorry to hear about your friend. Wishing her all the very best ahead.

  5. F Dot Leonora

    sorry about your friend, i hope that all goes well for her. your words about the casing have stayed with me and this picture is simply beautiful…

  6. cammiesonthefloor

    All breasts are gorgeous, all bodies are individual and unique and tell a story. Great supportive friend

  7. Velvet Rose

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s diagnoses, wishing her success on her journey.
    Your boobage is beautiful!
    Velvet x

  8. Malin James

    I can honestly and objectively say that this is a really gorgeous image. It makes such a lush landscape of your body and I love that. I’m happy you posted it. And I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s diagnosis. I’ve got my fingers crossed her treatment is successful and her recovery as quick as possible. Xxx

  9. openspiritgrl

    This is a really beautiful image. So happy you allow us to celebrate with you.
    Wish all the best for a quick recovery to your friend.
    xoxo Aiden

  10. sub-Bee

    Posting those images we aren’t happy about incredibly difficult and brave thing to do. You’re right, we should celebrate our bodies, they are merely the vessel that contains us.
    All the best for your friend, I hope she has a speedy recovery.

  11. theotherlivvy

    This photo is beautiful, I can see why he chose it. And I absolutely love what your words. What we see as beautiful is so dependent on so many other factors that can be unique to each of us, it’s not surprising our opinions differ! I love seeing photos that other people have taken for that very reason – it’s a whole new perspective! Such a great post!
    Good luck to your friend too, I hope her treatment goes well. Xxx

  12. foresterinthewoods

    Lovely photograph. Breasts have gotten more exposure of late through blogging sites such as Hyacinth’s Boobday. The variety, size, sculpted looks that women have is such a beauty. The vagina wall did the same for the vulva. As a man I find beauty and art in a woman’s body.

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