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“Dear God! How beauty varies in nature and art. In a woman the flesh must be like marble; in a statue the marble must be like flesh.” Victor Hugo


This photograph is by the wonderful Nicolas Laborie (The Photographer). He’s starting a new wetplate project exploring gender equality and the depictions of different body types in nude art. He’s looking for women and men of all ages, shapes and abilities to take part. I have only good things to say about the experience of being photographed by him and I have learnt so much about how I should regard and celebrate myself from his images of me and our conversations. You can find him at @Nicolas_Laborie or drop him a line at if you’re interested. You know you want to…

Sinful Sunday


  1. f dot leonora

    you are so beautiful, and Nicolas is so talented!!!

  2. HappyComeLucky

    This is stunning. You are stunning and he has captured that so beautifully. I need to contact him about his project. Xxx

    • Exposing40

      Do! I’m sure he’d be very happy to hear from you. Xx

    • The Photographer

      i think you should 😉

  3. Kaye Quinn


  4. Molly

    Oh my this is just fucking glorious. You look absolutely stunning, I love how the light really does make you look like marble and the pose of just inspired. Nicolas’ work at its finest I think

  5. understandingflutterby

    Dear god, that is stunning, just fucking stunning! xx

  6. Jack (and Jill) (@jackandjillcpl)

    Utterly gorgeous. I am in awe of his talent behind the camera, and your beauty before it.

    • The Photographer

      very kind but a photographer is nothing without his muse and subject

  7. The Photographer

    Thank you for choosing the picture i took of you and for the lovely comment that it has prompted. Exposed 40 embodied the quote perfectly and when I’m not doing wet plate photography, digital serve me to express and understand in a different light. Her blog and vision to a better understanding of body positive has been an inspiration here and her journey hopefully inspired others.
    Thank you for having me and such a lovely community 😉 Merci

  8. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    What a stunningly beautiful image! Takes my breath away.

  9. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Simply beautiful . . . he has captured everything in this wonderful photo. Sensual, artistic . . . personal. Just an amazingly beautiful image. I LOVE it !!!
    Xxx – K

  10. sassycoupleok

    The nice thing about marble is, the more you rub it, the prettier it gets. You have been rubbed quite nicely, a sensually lite photo.

  11. mmalflic

    Beautiful picture and sounds like an amazing project.

  12. Heelsnstocking & YSL

    A stunning image with both talent behind and in front of the camera.

  13. cherrytartblog

    Beautiful photo 🙂

  14. Marie Rebelle

    Absolutely gorgeous image. You are beautiful!
    Rebel xox

  15. Velvet Rose

    Velvet x

  16. sub-Bee

    This is stunning beyond words.
    A part of me would love the experience of being photographed by others but I’m not sure if that’ll ever happen.

    • The Photographer

      If i may say, you should take the leap and open up to the idea. Choose someone you can trust either male or female and let go….you may discover so much about yourself in the eyes of an other in a way without judgment and expectations.
      It all started with ….”a part of me would love….” so you are half way there….
      bonne chance

  17. Lil Miss Shalla

    marble…. this is wonderful! it is such a freeing feeling to love your body and share with others who can see you for you, for art and appreciate! i mean sure it is great to be lusted over, some days we all really need this but it is the self confidence and trust put into the hands of the person holding the camera
    as a not so skinny lady i have been disappointed in a number of photographers who can’t see anything other than their “normal” clients and that can lead to so much self doubt and pain
    for the photographer….
    Je voudrais bien participer!
    vous pouvez venir à poitiers?

    • The Photographer

      If i can ask:
      If one is blind minded how can one see shapes and forms, let alone photograph them ?
      Uniqueness should be celebrated ! but sadly I’m not coming to Poitier in the near future…but I’m sure you will find someone how appreciate beauty and will capture your lusting presence ! bonne chance et surtout n`oublier pas de vous amusez 😉

      • Lil Miss Shalla

        il n’y a personne à poitiers, c’est nul ici et je dois rester ici jusqu à 2025
        très ennuyeux d’être une américaine ici
        plus most of the photographers i was thinking of are from london… but thank you for your reply
        keep your mind open about poitiers, cheap flights on ryanair and i can host you and get you laughing 😉

        • The Photographer

          Merci pour l’invitation … Poitier un sympa mais peut être you will be vcoming to london too 😉

  18. L

    I love that softness that I see in his artwork. It creates so much contrast with the background. How long did he paint this? Wonderful!

    • Exposing40

      Thank you. We did these digital shots at the end of an afternoon when we’d been doing some wetplate photos. I think we were only shooting digital for about 20 minutes, but not sure how long Nicolas was editing for. Xx

  19. The Photographer

    Roughly you are right, we did some digi shots for about 20mns but the edit was done in a matter of seconds. Just cleaning some dust on the black cloth and saturation. No retouching on the body at all…thats the beauty of it. I personally don’t like retouching much if not at all. Thats the beauty of wet plate: embracing imperfections in the work. x

  20. beck03

    Such a beautiful photo. Amazingly talented photographer.

  21. mariasibylla

    I’m late to commenting on Sinful Sunday this week. When I saw this, I let out a gasp, and just had to gaze at it for a long while. The contrast in tones and textures (the velvety fabric and your skin that really does look like marble) and the stunning, stunning shape and pose simply took my breath away. I am so thrilled with this partnership and so excited to see what you and the photographer create next. xoxo

  22. mariasibylla

    I can’t wait!

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