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I don’t want to be tied or bound to one man.  But if one man wants to tie or bind me, that’s quite fine! Happy Valentine’s Day to all you beautiful people.
Red (3)

Sinful Sunday



  1. Lovely play with words. Great pic.

  2. I’m going to study this picture intently – because of your very sexy leg and because this is a tie I’m trying to learn!

  3. Stunning photo . . . and stunning sentiments! Tingling!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. this is breathtaking, and the scarlet is KILLER!!!

  5. Lovely erotic thoughts and pic !!

  6. This picture actually made me swoon. Ahhh. .. the scarlet
    Lovely x

  7. What a great image, I love the contrast of the red rope against your skin and your words…. just fabulous

  8. Fierce. Reminds me of a gladiators sandal. So sexy.

  9. This is so you! Stunning, sexy and independent.

  10. Gorgeous photo, and the text is perfect. The independence of it is just so *yes*

  11. stunning “capture” in many senses….great leg too ;-))

  12. God, you are gorgeous. I love this photo and I LOVE the sentiment. It’s how I feel exactly, though I haven’t yet met anyone with such lovely rope skills.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous!

  14. I love love love this image!!
    Velvet x

  15. That’s a gorgeous image and I chuckled over the play on words 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  16. The contrast of leg against white rope is stunning!

  17. Love the words you’ve put with the image, and definitely love the image!
    Rebel xox

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