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Sinful Sunday


  1. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    Both are gorgeous!

  2. bigmissnaughty

    fabulous!!!! love these
    BMN x

  3. Tabitha

    Too fabulous! !!
    That is wonderful – your bottom looks like the lips in Dali’s Mae West room x

  4. theotherlivvy

    Oh my gosh, these are absolutely stunning! Your lips are gorgeous and, wow, what a great arse! Xxx

  5. Molly

    Brilliant! What a cool idea, I love the idea of using light tones and contrast to emphasis lines and shapes.

  6. kinkybikermom

    both are lovely indeed!

  7. f dot leonora

    this is perfect, i love the shapes of lips and arse!!!

  8. Jo

    Wow – that second picture is brilliant! Both are simple, elegant, and so, so lovely!

  9. silverdomuk

    Oh! This is so clever. Beautiful.

  10. cammiesonthefloor

    how incredibly creative, I really looked at it for quite a bit. Well done

  11. mmalflic

    Very creative! And lovely of course.

  12. KaziG

    Really lovely! and very well done 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  13. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Wow . . . lusciously creative! Love this!!!
    Xxx – K

  14. The Photographer

    lovely lips ! cool editing x

  15. Simina

    Very clever. I love working with reflections.

  16. mariasibylla

    Amazing!! I love these so much. Did you do the bottom photo in editing or were you using mirrors?

  17. steeledsnakecharmer

    Very creative! Love these

  18. sub-Bee

    This is so clever!

  19. Lea

    How fun! Love the symmetry and connection.

  20. Jack (and Jill) (@jackandjillcpl)

    Stunning. The lack of color somehow adds so much. These shots are, in my estimation, akin to fine art.

  21. Twigs at hundredacresub

    I see such a sense of humour and fun in this. Thank you for making me smile on a rather grey and windy morning commute.

  22. SassyCat

    beautiful lips. cool edit on your arse pic.

  23. Marie Rebelle

    Brilliant idea! Both are fabulous 🙂
    Rebel xox

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