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Fuck me and marry me young…

Snow on the river and two by two

Took a lot to live a lot like you, I don’t

Go there now, but I hear they sung

Their “fuck me and marry me young”

Some wild idea and a big white bed, now

You know better than that, I said.

Driven Like The Snow, Sisters of Mercy

I bloody love sentimentality. And if the precursor to sentimentality is getting drunk with my oldest best friends in the world then, bring it on. Which is how I recently found myself promising to get some Goth into Exposing 40! So here you are my friend, a little Sisters of Mercy, a lot of kohl and the long black velvet gloves I wore to my 18th birthday party. The Manics-inspired fishnets shot will follow soon, I promise…
Dark 1  Dark 2
Dark 3


  1. Wow! So, so beautiful and stunning.

  2. Oh, these are intensely gorgeous! I absolutely see this as a music video. Can’t wait for the fishnets!

  3. OMG. I die. This is one of the most amazing Sinful Sundays ever.
    AND Sisters of Mercy? Wow woman, what are you doing to us?
    Gorgeous gorgeous – the composition is just fantastic x x bravo x x

    • Gosh, thank you! And loving that you love Sisters! Have been listening to them since about 8 when I stated applying the black eye shadow and through the self portraits and edit…have been loving the old tunes! Xx

  4. but this is so fucking hot…damn!!!

  5. That last photo is one of the most intense I’ve ever seen anywhere. That gaze! I thought the gloves were the sexiest things I’d see here, and then my eyes locked with yours. Too alluring!

  6. absolutely stunningly beautiful photos!!

  7. The Photographer

    October 25, 2015 at 9:15 am

    Wow ! Powerful creature … The glaze speaks volumes : wonder what happened “after” 😉

  8. The gloves and your eye draw your attention but wow – brilliant picture 🙂
    BMN x

  9. i need to get you to do my makeup 😉
    love this set

  10. I love these! I was a wee goth in my youth too and still am addicted to my black eyeliner!
    Beautiful images.

  11. The sultry expression on your face in the last photo – smoldering!!!

  12. Yay for a bit of goth. I love the second image down, the over exposure of the shot works so well to define the darkness of your hair and deep black of the gloves contrasting harshly with the over-whiteness of your skin.

  13. Such a gorgeous sexy series… bring it on!
    ~Kazi xxx

  14. What an image! I love every single thing about every single one! I really need to get me a Photographer if this is what could happen on the other side. xx Hy

    • These were self portraits actually, but I still recommend finding yourself a photographer friend! Xx

      • Even better! How do you do that?? A tripod? Timer?

        • I haven’t actually got a tripod that tall at the moment so I had a chair next to the bed and rested it on a couple of books to get the exact height I wanted, then used self-timer. I had it on auto setting but put a light on the other side of the bed to create a burst of over-exposure as I wanted to have a glare like you get with snow (because of the song I quoted). My photographer friend helped me with the edit and darkened my hair as it’s highlighted blonde and I wanted it dark and gothy. Xx

  15. Ugh, beyond gorgeous. And the Sisters of Mercy! What a delight. Loevlovelove.

  16. An absolutely stunning set of images x

  17. These photos are sultry and i absolutely love the gloves!!! gloves are always a wonderful accessory and so sexy

  18. I love those gloves . . . and that last picture is so stunningly sexy!!!
    Xxx – K

  19. Beautifully and artistically done. Love the gloves, they seem somehow to add a more sensual side to the photos

  20. I love a bit of goth (or quite a lot) and I love that you used Sisters lyrics! That last image is so fucking hot!

  21. Stunning images!
    Rebel xox

  22. Wowzers. These are all amazing and so beautifully shot. I think the second one is my favourite, though; there’s a languidness to it that’s incredibly appealing. And I adore the gloves, by the way. Jane xxx

  23. This is such an intensely sexy and sultry series. I have to admit the final two images are my favourites, with the second just beating out the third (featuring your stunning gaze). For me, there’s something about the sensual and dreamy contact of your gloved hand to your breast that sets my imagination racing.
    ~M x

  24. Those eyes and the thought of being touched by those gloves, so sensual indeed !!!

  25. Twiglet at 100acresub

    October 28, 2015 at 10:15 pm

    totally goth! whenever I try to use it I look like I am practicing for my Halloween costume… even in July… you however look amazing.

  26. Wow, these are incredible! Smoking hot!! Xxx

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