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O yearnful waves! The kisses of your lips!
Your breast so broad, with open arms, O firm, expanded shore!

Two Rivulets, Walt Whitman

This is the first image from this collaboration. I trusted him to photograph the part of my body I like the least…




  1. nerdydirtygirl

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. understandingflutterby

    Beautiful capture, I really love the way the water follows the curve of your breast and runs underneath. This is a lovely, lovely photo xx

  3. HappyComeLucky

    The beautiful line of the rivulet as it traces your curve is almost as stunning as your breast.

  4. Tabitha R

    Very beautiful and intimate shot. Love it x

  5. Marie Rebelle

    This is stunning!
    Rebel xox

  6. Molly

    I think your trust was well placed, as were the riverlets 😉

  7. F Dot Leonora

    i am really loving this colloboration!!!

  8. Curvaceous Dee

    A simply lovely photo – I really like that the rivulets have been captured.
    xx Dee

  9. kinkybikermom

    i love the rivers of water cascading down your supple breast very sexy

  10. Chintz Curtain (@ChintzCurtain)

    I think your breasts look stunning. And he has caught both them and the water running over them beautifully. Jane xxx

  11. bigmissnaughty

    Just a perfect photograph. Fantastic
    BMN x

  12. The Shingle Beach

    Your trust was well placed. This is beautiful, as are you.

  13. theotherlivvy

    Oh my, this is even better than I’d thought it could be! Such a beautiful photo. Your breasts look wonderful and the water is so dynamic, it’s fantastic! Xxx

  14. The photographer

    maybe the rivulets have washed away your previous thoughts…this can not be your least favourite part: your breast rose to the tickling of the drift beautifully 😉 x

    • Exposing40

      Your camera did them proud! But yes, maybe I should now park the antipathy, maybe they deserve better… Xx

  15. cammiesonthefloor

    What a great idea…to have him photograph the least liked places, to see from his perspective.
    And it is a beautiful perspective.

  16. Logan

    I love and agree with what Cammies wrote.

  17. cherrytartblog

    That’s a beautiful shot.

  18. Pearl

    Absolutely stunning xx

  19. beck03

    I love rivulets. The black and white makes this image seem calm and you’ve managed to capture the movement so I feel as if I am watching the water run down your breast. Nicely done.

  20. Hyacinth

    Others can see beauty where we refuse to let it grow. I love this!

  21. sub-Bee

    Oh, oh, oh I just love this, it’s absolutely stunning and the rivulets add a whole new dimension to it too.

  22. mariasibylla

    While I totally understand not liking certain parts of ourselves, I have to say, I have always found your breasts to be lovely, just as they are here. I agree with Cammie that it was a brilliant idea to have someone you trust photograph the parts you like least so you can see them through another’s discerning eyes. Really, really lovely photo. I’m so excited for this collaboration. You make me want to find my own photographer 😉

  23. Simina

    As always, I love pictures that involve water. I love water.

  24. Sex Is My New Hobby

    Lovely image.

  25. Lil Miss Shalla


  26. C.E. Hansen


  27. kittykatsbitsandbobs


  28. Cheeky Minx

    This is such a sensual and intimate shot. I hope his gaze and lens have now altered the way you see an obviously beautiful part of your body.
    ~M x

    • Exposing40

      Thank you! I am definitely very happy with the photograph and I do look at it and think ‘I can’t quite believe that’s me’. His talent and all the lovely comments from people are definitely helping me learn to love them! Xx

  29. The photographer

    well done for doing it in the first place….how liberating it must feel ! and i would urge people to follow suit ( or birthday suit of course!) and be pleseantly surprised but an admiring eye/lens 😉

  30. KaziG

    Beautifully done!!
    ~Kazi xxx

  31. Twiggs at 100AcreSub

    I love how this works in black and white. And I smiled with the joy of the accompanying words.thank you for sharing.

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