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Look At Me Now

You may recall, back in May my friend wrote Behind the Camera and some of the Sinful Sunday regulars left some typically encouraging and beautiful comments. My friend loves this project and has taken a few of my photos but at the time didn’t feel ready to share her own or be ‘judged’. Judged is a loaded word, frequently used pejoratively. I knew this was a word that couldn’t be applied the Sinful Sunday community, but I understood what she was getting at.
Last week she was judged. In the most appalling way. Within a work context, in a ‘professional’ meeting, people saw fit to make comments on her weight and appearance and align this to work performance. Even writing this is making tears of anger prick behind my eyes.
Her response? A spur of the moment message to me, and THIS. Photo by me, words by her. And I’m so proud of her. Do your best Team Sinful Sunday – judge away…
Look at me now
I’ve never invited your comments, your opinions, but you gave them to me whether I wanted them or not.
You made me sad, angry, ashamed, and you made me want to hide myself.
But look at me: strong legs, capable arms, glorious breasts.
What’s your judgement of me now?
Look At Me Now


  1. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie)

    Well done to her for fighting back and allowing you to share this wonderful image. I, for one, feel honoured to view it.

  2. Charlie

    My judgement is that the people your friend works with are absolute dickheads and she shouldn’t listen to them!
    It’s a wondeful image and she has amazing curves.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Molly

    I think Exposing 40 is absolutely right, judgement is a very loaded word but in this case I will give it ago… My judgement is that you fucking amazing. I love the angle of this shot, that makes your legs look soooooo long and the contrast between the pale of your skin and dark of your lingerie. Just stunning. I hope you enjoy the Sinful Sunday experience and that is the first of many contribution from you!

  4. F Dot Leonora

    she looks DAMN sexy, and i love her accompanying words!

  5. silverdomuk

    Please excuse my language, but I fucking hate judgemental people!
    “But look at me: strong legs, capable arms, glorious breasts.”
    You left out: HotAsAllHellAndThenSome! 🙂

  6. Clive

    Good on your brave sexy friend – and what a stunning pictorial reply to those small minded bigots who sit in judgement of others (they should have gone to spec savers)

  7. HappyComeLucky

    First – Wow! What a stunning picture of a beautiful woman. A perfect combination of sensual, beautiful and strong. I seriously hope that this is the first of more sinful Sundays for her. Plus, I am envious of how she rocks this pose.
    Secondly – the people who drew a link between her physicality and her work have shown themselves to be unprofessional douchebags and clearly lack in their own integrity. They have shown their own lack of emotional intelligence and intellectual maturity.
    Third – my man says this picture is BEAUTIFUL!

  8. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    I despair at people sometimes! What makes them think they have any right to judge another person, let alone voice their judgment?
    Your friend looks amazing… Those legs!
    She was right to make a stand and I am delighted she hasn’t allowed those nasty excuses for people impact on her self esteem and self image.
    Bravo to her and to you!
    Kat x

  9. Marie Rebelle

    My judgement? You are one fine, sexy woman. The angle of the photo, showing your beautiful legs and lovely curves is just glorious! Don’t let anyone shame you for anything, and how dare anyone say that what you look like influences your work performance. That is just so cruel and short-sighted. You are a gorgeous woman!
    Rebel xox

  10. bustythewench

    A beautiful image, a beautiful woman xx

  11. Miss Scarlet

    I am really shocked to hear that comments like that are made in a professional environment.
    This is a beautiful and powerful image of a very sexy lady.

  12. KaziG

    Glorious image! and good for her taking back her dignity in such a manner!
    ~Kazi xxx

  13. cammiesonthefloor

    What a beautiful image, I love the black and white and the confident pose.

  14. Simina

    Fortunately, I work in an environment where nearly all of my coworkers are people of size, so size discrimination isn’t among the horrible things that do happen.
    This is very pretty, and one would think that your coworkers would watch their damn mouths. Hostile work environment, discrimination, and all that.

  15. Sex Is My New Hobby

    One’s body is one’s own business. To have this brought up in a professional context is the desperately unprofessional and inappropriate.
    Also: great photo, great legs.

  16. steeledsnakecharmer

    This is the photo of a strong and sexy woman. It’s beautiful–I’m so glad that you shared it and that she took action in such a confident way. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different–you are gorgeous!

  17. beck03

    Ugh. People can be real dicks sometimes. My judgement is that this is an image of a beautiful and strong women. I applaud her.

  18. nerdydirtygirl

    I see a gorgeous, confident, kickass woman and I hope we’ll see more of her on Sinful Sunday.

  19. Lady Eiluj

    It’s a beautifully, tasteful posed shot that show a great figure of a strong woman. Stronger and braver than those she works with.
    Shame on them for making such judgements of her.
    Thanks for sharing her words and picture, welcome to the world of Sinful Sundays
    Lady E x

  20. Oleander Plume (@OleanderPlume)

    Fantastic photo of a gorgeous lady! And the shoes! And the legs! Fabulous!

  21. sub-Bee

    That makes me so bloody angry, how anybody’s appearance has any bearing on their ability to do their job I will never know. It does highlight what an unprofessional bunch of arses they are! Now I’ll stop ranting and judge you for being the beautiful strong woman you are, absolutely gorgeous image!

  22. mariasibylla

    Welp, once again a post on the Exposing 40 blog has me shedding tears into my lunch. Tears of frustration and empathy as well as tears of pride and joy. I am so proud of the community you are creating here (and being a part of – community within community) and I am so proud of the beautiful woman pictured. She is stunning! Fierce and lush and strong. Her pose and the angle of the shot are confident, sexy, owning it completely. I’m picturing her crushing those work jerks under her killer heels and smiling down at them, serenely, like the goddess she is.
    Looking forward to more photos!

  23. understandingflutterby

    I have typed, then deleted, then typed, then deleted, cos all I can think of to say(about the works wankers) is what a bunch of useless, vapid cunts!
    This photo is hot as fuck, the angle is gorgeous, it really shows your friend off so very well. I hope she’s feeling good about all the comments she’s getting here, she’s a freaking goddess!

  24. mike

    Some people are thoughtless knobheads who shouldn’t be allowed out in society.
    Such a strong and positive reaction. You’re a beautiful woman and I hope we see more

  25. Hyacinth Jones (@adissolutelife)

    I judge you to be wonderfully creative and sensual, to play with your curves and what your mama gave you. I love this. And fuck those assholes.

  26. theotherlivvy

    ‘Look At Me Now’ is such a perfect title for this photo! Your friend looks absolutely gorgeous, but I love her response to that horrendous criticism more. She is hot and sexy, but her defiant response seemed to say that she didn’t really need us to tell her – she already knew that she had glorious breasts and strong legs, so I’m glad if this spurred her on to remember that! Love it!! And I really love her shoes too. Xxx

  27. Penny

    What a lovely photo and powerful writing!

  28. Jeeves

    A lovely picture of a beautiful Lady 🙂

  29. Larry @ NSA Girls

    Beautiful photo 🙂 love the angle you chose!

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