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Blue Moon

This month’s Sinful Sunday technical prompt is colour so may I present my Blue Moon…
As you know, I do like to share a little story with my photos, but this week I didn’t think I would have one. But then I started humming and quite unexpectedly tripped right on down memory lane. You see, I have a ridiculous ability to recall detail and I remembered that more than 21 years ago I lost my virginity with Canadian folk band Cowboy Junkies singing Blue Moon Revisited (A Song for Elvis) playing in the background. I decided to look the song up on You Tube and couldn’t quite believe the image that’s used to accompany the song and how much it echoes my photograph with the print of my wallpaper framing my blue-washed bum!
I hope you enjoy my blue moon and the song!
Blue moon 2



  1. Tabitha R

    This is so wonderful!
    And Cowboy Junkies too – what a blast from the past.
    I adore your images and the story – gorgeous x x

  2. Marie Rebelle

    It’s always lovely to hear a story behind a photo… and this is a beautiful photo and it definitely resembles the image of the song 🙂
    Rebel xox

  3. HappyComeLucky

    I love the way the framing of your wallpaper echoes the trees. Your arse is gorgeous. I always love it when there is a full moon. 😉

  4. silverdomuk

    Love the story and the pic.

  5. kittykatsbitsandbobs

    Love it!

  6. Velvet Rose

    I very nearly called my image “Blue Moon” and right at the end it didn’t feel right so I changed it – now I know why!
    Yours is gorgeous and so resembles the YouTube clip!
    Velvet x

  7. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie)

    As with all the other comments, the words and the image compliment each other perfectly.

  8. cammiesonthefloor

    The lighting with the color is clever, and the title is brilliant with it.

  9. KaziG

    Excellent effect! So lovely 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  10. F Dot Leonora

    again, what do i love more the image, or the story…or in this case your music choices. i love cowboy junkies too!

  11. Sex Is My New Hobby

    Lovely in its simplicity.

  12. Molly

    My goodness the similarities really are uncanny.

  13. theotherlivvy

    The title of this really made me smile, it’s brilliant! And your bottom looks beautiful, great photo! Xxx

  14. sweetwomandirtymind

    I love Cowboy Junkies! Framing your ass with the wallpaper was inspired. It lends romanticism to this image.

  15. sub-Bee

    I just love how similar the images are, how strange!

  16. mcpervy

    Nice ass, i really like the tit. Clever

  17. Jack (and Jill) (@jackandjillcpl)

    We love the set-up for this post, and the coincidentally similar print on your wallpaper and the YouTube image. But it’s your lovely, sexy body that has really captured our attention.

  18. Sweetendirty

    That is a gorgeous photo!

  19. mariasibylla

    You are gorgeous! I absolutely love the composition of this (and am developing a serious crush on your wallpaper).

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