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The Great Exhibitionist

The Crystal Palace was built for the Great Exhibition in 1851. It burnt to the ground in 1936 leaving only its stone foundations as a haunting reminder of the once grand structure. It’s beautiful in all light and all weather, but just after sunrise, before the dog walkers and runners make the park their own, the archways are especially peaceful.
IMG_3933 (2)
This photo was brought to you by my friend Behind the Camera and a very trusty assistant who was on watch out duty. Thank you! I will blog about the making of this Sinful Sunday in the week. And there may be more photos to follow…


  1. Oh, this is breathtaking! I love the stark swaths of color (blue, green, gold, pink) and the absolutely perfect composition. Truly gorgeous. You are an angel or a nymph standing in your grotto. I love it!

  2. This is a stunning image, I’m totally in love with it. The beauty of the architecture, soft body against hard stone…the perspective….all goes to make a gorgeous visual treat 🙂

  3. Delightfully fun and daring! You naughty girl, I adore you!

  4. kinkybikermom

    May 31, 2015 at 12:31 am

    oh you are so very brave what a lovely image!

  5. you are the great exhibitionist, and you look terribly regal here…

  6. Beautifully framed image & so well posed! Well done! MarQe

  7. Classic peaceful form and a wall. Wonderful!

  8. I do not remember the beauty of this view from my last visit there – and I WOULD remember. 🙂

  9. Brilliant composition and I am going to think of you and grin every time I am up there. Everything about this picture is stunning.

  10. Such a beautiful photograph . . . and a wonderful location . . . and you make it all the more stunning!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. What an amazing place, and you look beautiful. Such a great photo! Xxx

  12. The perfect addition to a wonderful landscape.

  13. This is rather lovely. So peaceful and classical and apparently pure…

  14. Absolutely gorgeous and ridiculously brave. I love how you appear to be a beautiful statue in the archway.

  15. Ooo… now that’s a beautiful notch for the Scavenger Hunt and a fine sight for the morning! 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  16. I agree with Kazi girl I think this is definitely a Scavenger Hunt notch. Historical building is on the list if my memory serves me well and lucky you having ‘helpers’. I do virtually all mine alone but that does mean that some locations are just out, although if I ask nicely M will quite happily come along and be the look out.

    • I was very happy for the look out and for the photographer! I could have flown solo with a decent tripod, but I want this to be a collaborative effort with friends I am hoping more and more become a team effort! Xxx

  17. Gorgeous image & I love your daring!

  18. Really lovely – and so clever x x the light is wonderful!

    • Thank you! I tried to comment on yours but do some reason 9 times out of 10 my comments on your site never appear. Anyway, I said ‘please can you post every week as your images are always amazing’, or words to that effect! Xx

  19. That looks like a glorious location to make photos. Especially nude ones! I think you are so brave to be entirely naked. Just imagine if someone stumbled across you. In settings like these I am only brave enough to show some flesh, not all of it 😉
    Rebel xox

  20. This is beautiful and reminds me of a Rubens painting with the lovely setting. Love love love it!!
    Velvet x

  21. hahaa that’s great, i always feel like streaking when i visit historical sites.

  22. What a great location and great photo.

  23. How fabulous, you match the scenery so perfectly.

  24. Oh this would be a fantastic scavenger hunt, although it’s incredibly addictive!
    Beautiful image in a beautiful location *adds to the ever growing list of places to visit!

  25. That’s such an awesome place to get naked and take as picture. Very cool

  26. The black and white one is my favourite: fabulous model, stunning composition, striking directional lighting: Helmut Newton eat your heart out!

  27. Beautiful grounds for sure, but in this shot they’re second to your loveliness.

  28. Absolutely gorgeous picture,

  29. I really loved this picture – it’s simply stunning! I wondered if you’d be interested in having it added to the Scavenger Hunt, and having you join us?
    xx Dee

  30. Wonderful! I’m so glad I saw this.

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