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I am not properly dressed without my perfume. It makes me feel ready in the way other things – heels, lipstick, jewellery – work for other women.
I have risked missing trains to run back in the house if I have forgotten to spritz. Wearing it has made me feel sexy at times when looking in the mirror didn’t. It provides a flourish of femininity even when I am dashing around in jeans and Converse.
I love the ritual of layering scented lotion and perfume. I love breathing the last traces of it as I gather up my clothes. I love that flip in your belly when you roll over in bed, catch their scent on your sheets and are transported back to a moment.
Names echo the language of sex – Allure, Reveal, Touch, Intense, Pleasures, Euphoria.
Some of the bottles can be pretty suggestive too…
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  1. That is a beautiful bottle! I’m, sadly enough, allergic to a lot of lovely perfumes, so always stick with the same one and the one I use has quite a boring bottle…
    Rebel xox

  2. That is very suggestive!

  3. I am a huge fan of scent but not of perfumes. I do like them and have a collection but I rarely put them on…. and the scent I really love is the one of our bed, that musky mixture of us, that makes me feel warm, safe and sexy

  4. That is a great image and your words are brilliant. I didn’t really ‘get’ the whole perfume thing for years but now, the right scent is amazing and evocative.

  5. I recognised the bottle straightaway as it’s the only perfume I use. And it is beautiful, like the bottle.

  6. constantlyreid

    May 3, 2015 at 3:12 pm

    I love the ability of scent to set my day as it were. Depending on what I choose, I can be straightforward, focused, sexy or whimsical. Perfume is the ultimate starter to the kind of day I think I want or need.
    This was a really great post.

  7. That’s the perfume I use too. I’ve gone back to it after years of using another one.

  8. Such a beautiful bottle.
    Velvet x

  9. Wonderful post . . . I so agree with all your words . . . and then loved your following comment about “Gucci Guilty”. Made me giggle!!!
    Xxx – K

  10. This is a beautiful post. Scent is so huge. A specific smell can transport you anywhere. I’d like to have a specific signature scent. I suppose it’s not too late to start…
    Gorgeous photo too. That bottle is stunning and it absolutely looks I’ve you snapped it on a fancy vanity, not in a duty free shop!

  11. sweetwomandirtymind

    May 4, 2015 at 2:27 am

    What a gorgeous bottle! The containers are one of my favorite things about fancy perfume.

  12. That is a truly beautiful bottle, and scent is so important.

  13. I used to be like you, never leaving the house until I had my scent on but they stopped making my favourite (*sigh) and Sir said it masked my scent and he loves nuzzling into my neck and just inhaling me, which actually sounds slightly odd now I’ve written it!

  14. i know which perfume that is…love the angle!!!

  15. I agree. Scents do wonders that other things often can’t. Great image.
    xxx Miss July xxx

  16. Ah… this is lovely. I have many perfumes – different ones for different moods, though my favorite has been my favorite for fifteen years 🙂

    • I always wear the same one, day in day out. Usually for about three years or so, then I get bored and find a new one. Am currently on Gucci Guilty…not the bottle in the picture – that was shot passing through duty free last week!

  17. That is a gorgeous bottle. Sadly, I’m also allergic to most perfumes as well.

  18. Perfume bottles can be so beautiful!

  19. Such a lovely bottle! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to most scents so I stick with my warm vanilla sugar…
    ~Kazi xxx

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