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Glimpse: Part two

I’m a sucker for a cute circular story and I find it very hard to resist telling them when they occur.
Last Sunday I wrote about influence. Later in the day Maria Opens Up posted Glimpse. Now, I don’t mind admitting I’ve had a crush on Maria’s work since Pencil Skirt when she not only quoted the mighty Pulp but also managed to channel a great Boudin image.
In Glimpse, Maria referenced her own influence – a poster she had seen in Amsterdam many years ago. She spoke of an image “filled with pink and violet flowers except for a woman’s breast and part of her face.” One of her own photographs revealed a tantalising glimpse of leg from beneath her covers.
Well there’s no face, but two images came to mind: one from a shoot a while back that also gave me my profile images, and another, taken on the same morning as my own Boudin-influenced image, used last week.
So here they are: influence and inspiration at play again, right here in our own community.


  1. mariasibylla

    Oh this is wonderful! I’m so flattered that you mentioned Pencil Skirt! It’s one of my faves. As for your photos, love, love, love, love! The flower photo is incredible. It’s very similar to the ad I remember, the colors of the roses are so soft and lovely next to your skin. Breathtaking. And the leg! I so love a leg in white sheets! Thank you for this! It totally made my day 🙂

    • Exposing40

      I’ll take it all back if you don’t kick us all out of the park with an Ursula Andress emerging from the deep shot…! 😉 xxx

      • mariasibylla

        Ha! Sadly, I didn’t manage it this time but I’m considering it a new life goal. 🙂

        • Exposing40

          I love your pic. No time to comment yet as flying to brazil tonight but will comment in week. Xx

          • mariasibylla

            Thanks! Enjoy Brazil! (Speaking of topless sunbathing….)

          • Exposing40

            Hahaha. Am working and with a client!! 🙂

  2. Velvet Rose

    Oh I love that first image! The colours are gorgeous!
    Velvet x

  3. Tabitha R

    Oh wow – these are simply stunning. So beautiful, bright and sensual. Really love them – and where the inspiration was drawn!
    Gorgeous x

  4. sweetwomandirtymind

    Now these are just gorgeous! I am in love with how the rose petals bring out the peach in your skin, and the sharpness of the flowers in the foreground, with the soft glow of your breast behind them. Just stunning!

  5. Sweetendirty

    Ooh, a very pretty image. I love that your breast matches the flower color.

  6. Miss July

    These are beautiful!!
    I’ve got to say I love the flower shot the most. The foreground has such beauty in it that it brings out your breast brilliantly.
    Well done!!
    xxx Miss July xxx

  7. silverdomuk

    Silverdrop tells e there are flowers in that first pic, but I don’t see them 😉 (Breast man)

  8. Marie Rebelle

    Both photos are lovely!
    Rebel xox

  9. Aaron

    Wow what first shot is beautiful!

  10. Kilted Wookie (@Kilted_Wookie)

    Simply beautiful.

  11. Oleander Plume (@OleanderPlume)

    Simply stunning!
    The first image celebrates all that is feminine. The second is a delightful tease.
    I love them both!

  12. cammiesonthefloor

    How brilliant! The first image is something that would be on a wall framed, or a book cover. It is gorgeous and so artistic. I love all the softness of the colors.

  13. beck03

    Both of these are really beautiful. I think I like the second the best because… I love feet.

  14. lovelustlondon

    True works of art, would love to have these on my wall! Can’t wait for part 3…
    O x

  15. Modesty Ablaze (@ablazingmodesty)

    Lovely images . . . and lovely words on influence and inspiration. Always true that those around you inspire and give you confidence and self-belief . . . and that our own confidence and self-belief may help and inspire others. Or at least make them smile and feel good!!!
    Xxx – K

  16. molly

    This is something I have been toying with as a sinful Sunday prompt, using another bloggers image as inspiration for your own version. I have not done it yet as I have wondered if maybe it might just be too tricky but I think you have shown that actually it can be incredibly simple and yet very effective. So, on the list it goes

  17. SassyCat

    Your first photo is brilliant. Creative and made me do a double take.

  18. Curvaceous Dee

    Simply love both of these! The colourfulness of the first, the simplicity of the second. And the erotic nature of both 🙂
    xx Dee

  19. Hyacinth

    Beautiful composition, beautiful words. Breasts and flowers are always a winning combination.

  20. Miss Scarlet

    Both are absolutely beautiful!

  21. KaziG

    Both photos are lovely… I’m really drawn to the first as it seems that Spring has finally come, quietly gorgeous 🙂
    ~Kazi xxx

  22. Jack (and Jill) (@jackandjillcpl)

    A beautiful tribute to Maria’s post! Two gorgeous images. Needless to say I can’t decide which is my favorite. Well done.

  23. symes4u

    Garden of earthly delights indeed. Breath deep. 🙂

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