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Heat Wave

Earlier this afternoon Exhibit A asked which is the most pornographic lolly to eat. I seconded Livvy’s motion that it’s the Twister.

This photo is actually from way back in 2020 when I was doing my daily lockdown photos for partners. I hadn’t realised it had never made it onto the blog for a permanent home. As I haven’t done a Sinful Sunday for a few weeks I thought I would pop it here!

I hope you all stay cool over the next couple of days. I had some lovely plans for Monday afternoon but we’ve put those on ice till the other side of this. I’ll have to make do with exercising my mouth on a Twister instead. And (pro tip) the glass dildo is in the freezer ready…

Sinful Sunday

Light Show

Back in January I went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern. I knew immediately that I wanted to try and snag some photos in there. With only two minutes in the room I knew it wasn’t one for winter (too many layers) or to do with novice slipping a nipple or arse in public types!

Who else could be my wingwomen but The Other Livvy and Haiku? I mean, last time we headed to Tate Modern we slipped under the boardwalk out the front and got this incredible shot. So, many many weeks back when the summer tickets went on sale we got in a very long online queue and swiped three tickets for the first slot of the day on a weekday when we hoped it would be a little quieter. Our luck was in!

By the time our slot came round, the prompt for this weekend was out so I knew I wanted to get one shot when the lights were in the green stage of their cycle. So here is the wonderful Livvy looking glorious in green!

Sinful Sunday

Another Place

Yesterday I had a day trip to Folkestone. What a lovely lovely place! Less than an hour on the train from London, sea, chalky cliff views, cute shops, a champagne bar in a lighthouse and lots and lots of art.

We went to find one of the Antony Gormley Another Place sculptures under the Harbour Arm. I love seeing these sculptures and although I often find art commentary to be a bit pretentious and off-putting I can appreciate how these solitary figures fulfil Gormley’s intention to “bear witness to what it is like to be alive and alone in space and time.”

Of course, as soon as I saw the figure I was mulling over how I could get a photo of me that channeled that energy. Not in the actual location with all the Saturday sightseers popping by, that’s for sure!! But later on, after a dip in the sea, we were sat in one of the archways of The Stade admiring the view and drinking some fizz when I saw my opportunity. The ever brilliant wingwoman JediHamster on camera duty.

It was only when I was home last night and Googling some of the art we’d seen that I discovered there’s actually a second Gormley figure in Folkestone and he was standing just a few archways down from where my photo was taken! I am both gutted that we missed it and delighted with the serendipity of us taking this photo even though we didn’t know it was there!

The sculpture we didn’t realise was just a few archways along!
Sinful Sunday


I absolutely love this photo. It’s from back in summer 2020 when me and this chap would guiltily giggle about breaking the law with our lusty lockdown liaisons. If only we’d known what was going on a few miles away at Number 10! Still, the covert sexy bubble was a lot of fun so I’m happy for our ignorance.

Anyway, the grip. Isn’t it funny how some partners can do things that feel completely different to when another does exactly the same thing? Other people grip my throat and I like it a lot but there’s something about the way he grips it that radiates tingles down my whole body. Is it the size of his hand or the particular pressure he applies? I don’t know but I love it when he does it.

I’ve thought about posting this photo a few times over the last couple of years but I’ve always dismissed it, thinking it wasn’t a ‘good’ photo because of the bleaching from the back light. But suddenly with this weekend’s prompt it’s just perfect.

Sinful Sunday


There’s been a shift this last week or so hasn’t there? On Thursday I went out for a walk in the woods after work. The carpet of wild garlic had expanded, the birds were noisy, the buds are beginning to burst and best of all it was still light.

Yesterday I spent the day in London, starting at the Tate Britain then walking along the river and over Westminster Bridge to the Royal Festival Hall and the WOW festival. I was coat-free for the first time this year and at times it felt something close to warm in the sun. This morning I was woken by the birds – another first for this year.

With the lighter days and regreening of the outside world I can also feel my desire for photo adventures unfurling. Whereas a couple of months ago I was thinking ‘ah, maybe I’m done with the blog, I’m all out of ideas’, I’m now thinking ‘oooh, let’s get planning’. I’m excited for day trips with Haiku, group outings with the gang, more adventures with the chap in this photo and, hopefully, like last year, there’ll be some new faces on the blog.

If we’re mutuals and you’ve always fancied an E40 outdoor photo adventure, let me know. I’d also like to spend more time in front of other people’s cameras. And I need to come up with some new location ideas. The woods and beach will always be my first loves but I think I need a new location with viaduct level wow factor. Any ideas?

Sinful Sunday


One of the reasons I decided not to do February Photo Fest this year was because I knew I would (hopefully, Covid-withstanding) be in Mauritius. I made a comment to a couple of people that I’d look like a right smug arse if I posted two weeks’ worth of tropical island photos while most people who look at my blog were trudging through February in the cold. How wrong I was. I’m now on night two of an intense tropical cyclone…

Much like I never imagined I’d learn so much about the basics of epidemiology and how viruses mutate in such a short time, I also didn’t think I’d learn so much about cyclones and the cyclone warning system within 24 hours. Of course, we knew we were coming to Mauritius in cyclone season, we’d done our research. But that told us that on average a cyclone only significantly affects the island once every five years. ‘What are the chances?’ we thought. They’re on their second in three weeks! As my friend said yesterday as we exchanged stories about Eunice and Emnati, “I think Mother Nature is telling us to fuck off her planet.”

Mostly it’s fine and perversely exhilarating. In the daylight, watched from safety, the dance and sway of the trees (I’m in the rainforest at the moment) is hypnotic. One friend said she could meditate to a clip of the trees I put in the group chat. At night though it’s pretty terrifying. Last night I distracted myself taking some photos.

Sinful Sunday
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