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The Sphinx (reprise)

Back when this blog was really young I posted this shot of me nestled into the Sphinx in my local park. Yesterday morning I woke with this view of the original so there was only one this for it really. It had to be a super quick flash as my balcony was clearly visible from the street and definitely no clambering up on the real thing!

Sinful Sunday

Not a tulip

Last week I promised you tulips this Sunday. Reader, this is not a tulip. It’s turns out that getting naked photos in a field in a really flat country that’s also a really popular tourist area is a step too far, even for me! So instead you’ve got the pleasure that was waiting for me on Tuesday afternoon after I got off the Eurostar.

Sinful Sunday

To bed

I’m in the Dutch countryside this weekend visiting the tulip fields. Tomorrow we’ll be out cycling round the farms so hopefully there’ll be some flower photos next weekend but for now here’s a photo of me heading up the spiral staircase to my bed in the attic.

Sinful Sunday

Roll the Credits

I think I write this on the 28th (or 29th!) of the month every time I participate in February Photo Fest, but where has the month gone?! I planned to go out with a bang so saved one of the best photos of the month (IMO) for the finale. This photo was the main reason I called this week ‘buildings and structures’ not just ‘buildings’!

Three images from our day at the viaduct have already been published but for some reason neither I nor Exhibit A or The Other Livvy have ever published this great shot (though it does hang on their bedroom wall!).

This day out is probably my favourite photo adventure day I’ve ever had while doing this blog. I’d had this location on my list for years (and we all know how much I like ticking things off lists!), the core gang were all present and correct and (best of all!) it was during summer 2021 so it was a joyful day of picnicking, nudity and photos when those things had a fresh new glow about them after successive lockdowns.

I wasn’t sure whether I’d do this year, and only decided on the 31st January that I would, so I’m really pleased with how it panned out. What I love most about my February Photo Fest is that it’s a collaboration. My last minute decision to participate and my work trip meant I didn’t have time to organise my customary photo days this year so thank God for archives and that lockdown photo project, which is the gift that keeps on giving! Happily, apart from one favourite regular who wanted a break from sharing their naked self for a bit, I managed to get all the usual suspects in and even introduced you all to a new partner. Hurrah!

I intend to wind this blog up when I turn 50 in December 2024 (what can I say, I’m a completer finisher who likes clear endings!) so next year will be my last February Photo Fest. Taking part this year has definitely put the fire in my belly for planning an absolute banger to go out on next year!

Thank you to everyone who has commented and shared. Sorry that work has got in the way of me sharing and commenting on a daily basis but as always I plan on looking at everyone’s full set and sharing my favourite shot from each of you. Congratulations to everyone who has completed the month.

February Photo Fest 2023

Old and New

I have wanted to take this photo for years and years. The modern glass edifice of The Shard visible through a window of the ruins of St Dunstan’s in the East, a Christopher Wren church that was bombed during the Blitz.

Earlier this month a bright and sunny Sunday morning was forecast so Jedi Hamster and I headed off for one of our early Sunday starts. These outings have got us some classics over the years, The Great Exhibitionist and Statuesque being particularly notable, but I think this might be our best yet!

February Photo Fest 2023
Sinful Sunday

West Brompton

This photo has actually been posted before over at Exhibit A’s place, but I love it so decided to post it here too. Over the course of a few years I made it a mission to photograph in each of London’s ‘magnificent seven’ cemeteries. This was the shot I took to compete the series so I decided it should have a home on my site too.

Just writing this post now, I realised that West Brompton is the only cemetery that is also designated a royal park. Maybe this should be a crossover photo and I should now aim to shoot in all the royal parks!

February Photo Fest 2023

High Rise

It’s the end of my week in Malaysia. We’ve just finished our last interview and now it’s just time for a bit of a wander and dinner with the local team. I’ll be back on my own sofa in time for Saturday night tv and takeaway! Here’s another of the photos I took during my first night here, sleepless with jet lag.

February Photo Fest 2023
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